Practicing with our dogs and coaching others is our passion, and the dogs' wellbeing is our number one priority. The goal is to create a mutual understanding between dog and handler - wordless teamwork with complete one mind dog so that it feels like you have one mind together. Enjoy the full forum.

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Registration opens March 15th! Many of the Tehotiimi handlers have had a lot of success afterwards. Tekla was six years old when she became totally deaf. We teach OneMind Dogs Method to the handlers. The most important point of the method is that it just makes sense for the dogs. We will make every effort to maintain a waitlist so that cancellations are filled but we make no promises to that end. They are basically always allowed to go to the obstacle they see in front of them and it's our job to get them always to see right ones!

Learn dog agility with OneMind Dogs! It's a method based on dogs' natural behavior and the only method in the world that all dogs naturally understand.

Dogs and handlers are individuals, and we take that into account when coaching. When Janita started to use the same method with her other dog Cosmo she instantly got about 3 seconds away from Cosmo's course times. We have cooperated with Mikko Aaltonen and Mari Kaplas for several years. We love to tell people what we have discovered about agility and dogs over the years. Practice and Teach Next you will practice the mechanical performance of the handling techniques, then you will start teaching your dog.

Four techniques will be learned each of the two days for a total of 8 of the one mind dog common OMD handling techniques. Love the methodology and how the dogs read it so naturally! Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm. Join these people who have already found the magical connection with their dog! Unlimited spots available 1 day:

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Bits, Tools, and Choices…. It is like giving the handlers alphabets and teaching them how to write. We have learned to see things from the dogs' point of view. One of the biggest reasons we wanted to travel abroad to give agility seminars was the sheer will to want to share our knowlegde with as many agility people all over the world as possible. More than 1 dog may be working at the same time.

In the end everybody writes their own individual signature. Your teaching videos are fantastic!

List of OneMind Dogs Handling Techniques

International Agility Training Week in Finland. Everyone knows exactly how to execute certain technique and they do it the same way every time. Enjoy the full forum. We want to thank the many many people around the world who have welcomed us with open minds and hearts wanting to here our thoughts and giving us new ideas.

For years we didn't feel like giving our way of handling and training a name. I strongly encourage auditing if you do not earn a working spot. All the steps and turns are automatic.

Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm. Both workshops are suitable for beginner handlers and dogs as well as handlers and dogs with more experience. If you only understand how those six basic things work, you can figure out yourself how to execute the techniques the easiest way from the dog's point of view.

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Agility for Puppies and Beginner Dogs. 61 lessons. About This Program.

My goal behind these seminars is to give equal chance to Synergy Students and Non-Students, while also keeping the working level of the seminars even. Janita asked Jaakko Suoknuuti one mind dog Zen and Jaakko Knuutti with Vimma to be "the guinea pigs" in her experiment for a new way to prepare puppies for agility. There are designated off-leash areas at Fun Fur Paws. Are you interested in hosting a OneMind Dogs seminar with one of our coaches in the future? Practically it's learning some basic rules one mind dog agility field.

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OneMind Dogs Coaching Team. Our coaches travel around the globe, teaching agility with amazing success.

Agility for Puppies and Beginner Dogs

OneMind Dogs currently uses almost 30 handling techniques. Amazingly, the.

Cornelia Kluck or Connie 2 years ago. Every minute spent working with you was worth a million. For us it's not enough that a dog reacts right way to our handling every now and then. Tekla was six years old when she became totally deaf. You all have given us so much and made our lives interesting and fun.

Even as a year-old deaf grandma Tekla still won big high level competitions in Finland. We live and breathe agility.

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