Greek girl dog names - English - A merry and delightful one. Impala - A good name for a reddish-brown dog with long legs and great leaping abilities. Another good pet name for a seeing-eye-dog. Plateau - important philosopher.

greek girl dog names

An appropriate name for your fourth pet dog. Gertrude - The patron saint of the West Indies. Also is the patron saint of weavers. Albina - A little christian girl who was martyred in Rome in A. Eos - Greek Mythology - The goddess of dawn.

3 days ago 50 Greek goddesses and heroines, including their stories detailing their amazing powers and gifts, that every good dog can use.

Marta - Spanish - Woman. Liana - A tropical vine which grows up and around trees. Acacia - Greek - Innocent and honest. Legato - A musical term meaning smooth, successive tones with no interruptions. Which perhaps makes this a good name for a possessive, sassy dog. You may also be interested in: Fiesta - "I'm always in the mood to celebrate.

Margaret - The patron saint of Scotland. Malaga - A province in southern Spain, along the Mediterranean. This dog brightens any room that she enters. Cassia - A large group of plants which grow in tropical climates.

greek girl dog names

This dog will never betray you. Beta - The second letter of the Greek alphabet. Nagoya - A port in southern Honshu, Japan. A book is dedicated to her story in the Old Testament. Audrey - English - Strong and exalted. Loki - unpredictable god, creates chaos and fate.

Danae - Greek Mythology - Mother of Perseus. Nun - heaven and house of the gods. This girl dog is happy to be alive.

Greek and roman goddess female dog names

Dog names for male puppies from Greek mythology

Elba - A mountainous island off the coast of Italy. Hertha - English - Of the earth. Jinx - This girl dog certainly cast a spell on you. A good name for any small breed of dog.

Alva - Latin - Fair-haired. Callista - Greek - Full of beauty. Lucy - The patron saint of those with eye trouble. Roman mythology contains tales which take great influence from the myths and cults of Greek mythology.

Gemma - An Italian saint who lived during the 15th century. Nymph - A group of nature goddesses found in rivers, streams, hills, woods, forests, etc.

greek girl dog names

If you have a female dog, you'll definitely want to check out these 20 female Greek names and see if any are a fit. The names range from common to quite unique.

Magna patriam - great homeland. These Germanic peoples were known for their seafaring ability and spirit of adventure. Athena - Greek Mythology - Goddess of wisdom. Chocolate - Your oh-so-sweet brown, black or white pet.

greek girl dog names

Jasmine - A white, red or yellow flower with a wonderful fragrance. This girl dog just loves to dig holes.

Greek Mythology Names for Dogs: Greek Gods and Goddesses, Oh My!

If you're looking for inspiration for your new pet's name, why not go way back to ancient Greece? Here are Greek names for female dogs.

Ivory - A wonderful name for your solid-white dog. Davida - Hebrew - Endearing. Goldie - Formally she is Goldilocks, but around the house you can call her Goldie. Nicole - Greek - A name meaning victory of the people. A wonderful name for your Labrador retriever dog. If your dog has black or silver-colored fur, this name is definitely fitting.

A List of Regal Yet Cool Greek Names for Dogs With their Meanings

Juno is having such a grand time at Liberty Acres this week. Matilda - "I'm an Aussie at heart, and I really love to waltz. View this post on Instagram.

greek girl dog names


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