courage the cowardly dog harvest moon

Having freed her from their grasp, Courage confronts the aliens and offers them another solution. Jeff Kunkin and Bruce Wilpon. A thunderstorm causes Courage's computer to come to life. So in Louvre Are We Two: Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only:

The Spirit of the Harvest Moon is a demonic spirit from The House of Discontent. He was upset with Eustace and Muriel for not respecting their.

Nowhere Newsman voice as John R. In fact, these moments are so frightening that you may actually wonder why this show airs on the daily Cartoon Network timeline instead of the [adult swim] timeline, which would actually fit there. How about the ending of the episode? In the beginning of "King Ramses' Curse", a giant black swarm chases the thieves who stole the slab. At least Benton had his face covered by the goofy fake nose and glasses for most of the episode. With danger lurking around every turn, Courage must face the professor and his rat with only a cup of happy plums if he is to ever return to his normal life at home. Share this Rating Title:

Possibly to lure more victims without suspicion. Courage must aid Muriel in keeping the babies safe. And it is creepy.

courage the cowardly dog harvest moon

But Courage starts smelling something fishy. When Courage finds a mysterious amulet while digging through the yard, a Ghostly Fog covers the farm. She decides that the coral there can make fine wigs, and sets off to destroy the coral city and evict the creatures of their coral for her wig factory. And then there's the crazy woman he's driven insane and given suction-cup feet to He was just an insane man with an almost fetish-level obsession with shaving people against their will incidentally, shaving IS a sexual fetish.

This is probably the scariest thing to ever appear on the show. Retrieved from " https: Crazy Credits After the episode where Courage encounters Sand Whales ended and before the credits start, footage of a Sand Whale falling into the camera is shown and the following words "Dedicated to Jim P. Thankfully, she resists the brainwashing. Courage hosts a game show to see who gets to shoot who. The Fog spirit definitely came from the Uncanny Valley, It has a giant face with bulging eyes and misplaced teeth and all it ever says is chanting the name of his lost love Cariaaaanaaaa, Cariaaaaaaanaaaaa , and it's even creepier when it sprouts ARMS and starts walking with them.

When Eustace is greedily unwilling to part with such a valuable treasure, the ghostly king keeps saying "Return the slab", and ravages the house with a triad of curses. Di Lung feels that Courage isn't a good enough dog and eventually builds a mechanical version of him as a replacement.

The House of Discontent/The Sand Whale Strikes

Eustace voice Jon Adams Does he even add a little maniacal laughter to take the edge off? A wish-granting tree grows by the house, but Eustace grows jealous of all the attention it gets from his family and wants to chop it down, so Courage must stop him from doing so.

Now he isn't just an annoyance and a jerk, he is a true antagonist to Courage. While a sick Muriel stays home on the couch, Eustace takes Courage with him and they go out for hamburgers at a local diner run by a seemingly friendly couple of pigs.

The voice was surprisingly deep and ominous as well, but the real thing that made this terrifying was that this was an eerily-out-of-place live-action black-and-white disembodied head, interacting onscreen with Courage and his owners. When the local river floods Nowhere, Courage must locate the source of the disaster. What's even worse is the fact that it's slowly floating towards the camera in an ominous aura of white light, and that behind it is an incomprehensible, foggy blue backdrop. But what's worse is the bonus floor which features snakes and ghosts as the only enemies and replaces the music with really creepy jungle-like sound effects.

courage the cowardly dog harvest moon

The Spirit of the Harvest Moon is an antagonist from Courage the Cowardly Dog. He was voiced by Fred Melamed.

There, they befriend the citizens. Nowhere Newsman voice as John R. How badly do you want to belong? The hat, the pants, everything. What makes Fred stand out from all the other villains of Courage was that he had no malicious or murderous intent with any of his actions.

courage the cowardly dog harvest moon

Bill Marsilii Swindlin' Wind: Even worse, we never find out what the monster is. Well that's not much better!

Directed by John Dilworth. With Marty Grabstein, Thea White, Lionel Wilson, Jon Adams. "The House of Discontent" On the eve of the orange Harvest Moon.

Possibly they were saving the scariest for last. After leaving a county fair, Courage and his owners get lost through a cornfield and crash into a scarecrow. The computer's relating of the vandals' legend is also rather chilling, as it implies that the windmill must never stop, or else their spirits will return to haunt the farm. How about the implication that he thinks he's being GOOD? Katz Under the Sea:

I am the spirit of the harvest moon.

When Courage finds a mysterious amulet while digging through the yard, a Ghostly Fog covers the farm. Courage and his owners go to Shirley's shop, where Muriel sees a necklace she wants.

courage the cowardly dog harvest moon

The game has a very unsettling vibe to it, with anxiety-inducing music, enemies such as bats and mummies that chase you, and the background which is complete darkness. Retrieved from " https: The season finale "Perfect" ended the series with some particularly chilling moments. Courage and his owners go to New York for Muriel to perform, where a giant cockroach named Shwick offers to let them stay at his place until the show. Billy Aronson The Sandman Sleeps: The first two doors are rather silly, but when he opens the third door, he sees a girl playing the violin , which Courage likes. After the North Pole faces heat and everything melts, the snowman creates a mechanical mitten that allows the user to produce snow at will.


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