my dog ate soap

Aug 6, Messages: Humans tend to gravitate towards shampoos, bar soaps, and hand soaps with the most agreeable or desirable scent. It is a good idea to be doing this after you have called the veterinarian to communicate with the physician that you are bringing your dog in for an appointment. It should be fine but call a vet anyway, better safe than sorry. When our dog was younger he ate a small soap I had him drink a lot of water last night and he is fine.

Our canine companions eat some pretty bizarre things. If Fido has been snacking on your soap, he could incur poisoning symptoms. After bringing Fido to the vet.

Treatment of Detergent Poisoning in Dogs. The veterinarian will determine the method of treatment as he finds more information and the specifics of the poisoning. I am sure your dear puppy will eat worse if that is ANY comfort - and survive! Serena , Dec 31, Add a comment to Yoda 's experience.

my dog ate soap

We can hope that it was only water that he licked! The vet did not seem concerned. He was a little lethargic all day, and then he barfed. Watch closely to see if your dog is drooling, swollen, licking excessively, swallowing frequently, or pawing his face. It was Jurgens bath soap.

Serena , Dec 31, What kind of soap? I quietly explained that dogs don't blow bubbles- but she was very adament about it If she doesn't show symptoms, do you think she'll be alright?

Laundry capsules are single-use detergents enclosed within a water-soluble casing. Peace of mind - but make sure you do it outside. Can you please advise.


Despite a lack of evidence, one of the more popular ideas about pica is that it stems from an unbalanced diet. If you have any concerns or any symptoms present, you should visit your Veterinarian or an Emergency Veterinarian. Soaps come in a wide variety of smells, textures, and ingredients. Eating soap qualifies as pica, although it is worth noting that most soaps are non-toxic and will have little negative repercussions for dogs that accidentally consume it. And last month,he vomited. It's so scary when our pets are sick and we don't know what to do to help them.

Dog Eats Soap! (11/9/11)

The ingestion of this product as well as the dermal exposure to it can cause extensive damage to the eyes, mucus membranes and skin. Add a comment to Benji's experience. Ann , Dec 31, I do not know how much he drank but I quickly gave him some peroxide and he threw it up 3 times.

If you notice any symptoms like pawing at the mouth or vomiting you should visit your Veterinarian to be on the safe side. If he does start to show those signs, he'll need to get into the ER right away. Mermaid02 , Jan 1,

Now my dog isn't eating, very weak, vomited once and has been eating a lot of grass from the lawn. Do you already have an account? PS if I put any symptom dow there,it's nothing. The vet did not seem concerned.

my dog ate soap

My dog just ate a whole bar of soap? Do I need to be worried? It was Dove soap. He seems fine.

Soaps come in a wide variety of smells, textures, and ingredients. Unfortunately, the detergents are just as poisonous as they are attractive. Add a comment to Oscar's experience. Aug 6, Messages:

my dog ate soap

With the small amount of detergent, it is unlikely that she will have any ill effects, but the mix of the water she ate may cause some GI upset. Has Symptoms Bloody stools.

Detergent Poisoning in Dogs

There is no right or wrong answer here, but to give you an idea - my dog ate a whole bar of soap once and I made him vomit it back up.

Detergent poisoning has a prognosis of fair to good, and this prognosis depends on the detergent. Add a comment to Vreey's experience. There is no antidote; supportive care may be needed in the form of intravenous for medications such as gastroprotectants and antibiotics due to the corrosive nature of the product. In cases of poisoning or suspected poisoning it is always best to visit your Veterinarian or Emergency Veterinarian to get preventative and supportive care which may include inducing vomiting, administration of intravenous fluids as well as medication to prevent seizures. We called the poison line and found out that the silica gel becomes inert when ingested. WHen you use SOS pads little pieces break off all the time into the water.

My Dog Ate My Allowance!

I can't find anything on the internet but I think he'll be ok If he is having problems, you will see signs like smacking his lips, licking excessively, panting excessively, vomiting, or ulcers in the mouth, as the chemical can cause burns throughout the GI tract.

my dog ate soap

Then we caught our dog drinking the vile mixture out of the toilet bowl. Most dogs that receive treatment as soon as possible will recover. Orion is a Golden Retriever, Black Lab mix. What kind of soap? I accidentally put soapy water in my dogs food.


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