ol roy dog food ingredients

Also my boxer wont even touch it and i give him purina, I mean honestly as many people know that if a dog does not like something then it cant be very good, if Ol Roy was as good as you say then my dog or my brothers would not have a problem eating it. However, millions of people buy this food every year. And my dad used to work at Wal-mart at the pet department and even he said it has some buy products. Tim May 22, at 4: Unfortunately, as Big Heart Pet Brands also produces and distributes a number of private label pet products we cannot know which private label brands may also be contaminated with pentobarbital. Nellie February 25, at 4:

Check out our Ol' Roy Dog Food review and full ingredients analysis. Is the countries best selling dog food any good? Unfortunately, we have.

I have always purchased the 30 bag in the past. My vet said I would have to start adding various supplements ó vitamins, etc. Someone you know will probably think so too! The foods feature lots of ground yellow corn and corn gluten meal, for example. Blue Buffalo Dog Food. Since this is the fifth ingredient you have to assume the food contains quite a bit of this corn syrup.

I was wondering if u can send me some coupons for the olroy small plastic can of dog food my lil dog loves them but at. Rob February 26, at 8: We now homemake the same food with quality human-grade ingredients and add the BalanceIT vitamins and minerals.

ol roy dog food ingredients

Too much vitamin K can potentially cause liver problems to Dogs as well as allergic reactions to it. For example, fish meal and milk have a biological value of 92, meaning dogs can digest most of the protein in these foods. Michelle May 10, at 8: He had bloody diarrhea and the vet said he was healthy with the exception of all his organs having cancer. We're all about honesty here. This news follows days after the revelation that several other Big Heart Brand dog foods also tested positive for the drug.

Grains, in general, are not as easy for dogs to digest as meat protein. This brand of dog food killed my beloved dog. They might have thrown up simply because they are not used to the food.

Also, they are at a perfect weight. Also, we had extensive blood work done all the fur kids and their numbers came back with flying colors. I bought this last week and just took them off of it yesterday.

Olí Roy Dog Food Withdrawn For Deadly Drug Contamination; Pentobarbital Found In Canned Dog Food

But lots of dogs are eating this food and having their basic nutritional needs met. Unhappy October 9, at 7: Learn how your comment data is processed. So I tried Purina Moist and Meaty, and they loved it. Efficiency efforts can lead to skip lot testing raw material provider OR the purchasing company may decide to skip lot test.

Is Expensive Pet Food Better? - Ask A Vet

We will ONLY email this list in the event of an actual recall. We're all about honesty here. It is a terrible dog food and should be pulled from the market. The protein in grains like barley and sorghum are even harder for dogs to digest.

All my dogs got sick from ol roy had bad gas! I hope we can get her past this and hope its not too late for her.

It got to the point where he would even turn his nose away from his bowl and not eat. Learn how we Monitor for Recalls: If you switch to a different type of dog food you should do it slowly to let them adjust. Someone you know will probably think so too!

ol roy dog food ingredients

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So please do not feed your dogs this food. The food also contains whole wheat which is essentially a flour. Super Dog February 26, at 1: They no longer have health issues. Synthetic vitamin K is toxic in high doses and has been associated with liver problems and allergic reactions, among other things.

ol roy dog food ingredients

If this statement is still here we are actively watching for new recalls. Corn and wheat are about I was informed that they no longer offer that size.

Olí Roy Dog Food Review: Read This Before You Buy

Ol' Roy Dog Food - an independent review, star rating and recall Ingredients: Ground yellow corn, meat and bone meal, soybean meal.

By dry matter basis the food has Beef has a value around Someone you know will probably think so too! The pups who are now almost two years old are thriving and are all solid muscle. Unless the ingredients are very similar. Further, lack of oversight by the FDA may be a very large contributing factor.

Jessica October 2, at 5: If I mixed it with canned, then they would eat it because they liked the canned. To find out how to report a problem with a pet food contact the FDA. Ideally we like to see a meat protein as the first ingredient.

ol roy dog food ingredients

And the plant protein may be healthy but dogs need animal protien not plant because animal protien is better for them VA: It is a terrible dog food and should be pulled from the market. There are also some drawbacks to soybeans in dog food. The pups who are now almost two years old are thriving and are all solid muscle. They would play with it a bit later, and sometimes eat it, sometimes not. Beef meal means that most of the moisture has been removed from the beef and it contains several times as much protein as beef normally contains when used in dog food.


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