Their gentle nature and mild temperament make them the best four-legged therapists on the planet. While the term hybrid dog may be technically incorrect, the term designer dog could be seen as being somewhat unfortunate.

rottweiler black lab mix

Basic obedience training is an essential part of responsible dog ownership. Home Dog breed Hybrid dog Rottweiler lab mix Labrottie. Comment Like this photo? Bring it to the dog park or anywhere else where it can mingle with other dogs. We love our Labrottie. Seventy pounds is never light.

The Labrottie - A Rottweiler Lab Mix Puppy. What Can You Expect From Combining Two Very Different Personalities Into One Dog?.

Again, please take note that these observations are expressed in the general sense. A well-trained Rottie will never be aggressive. November 25, at 3: I am sure that I am too late. What You Need to Know. Every other day Barking:

rottweiler black lab mix

Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Labrottie , Rottweiler lab mix. July 9, at 8: Behavioral training is a very helpful for taking care of the dog. For instance, all dogs love treats. Pit Bull Boxer Mix:

Pads is one of the best and most useful tools for every dog. I got him from a rescue back in March. I lost my labrottie after 24 years. Dry vs Wet Dog Food: So you give proper training to your puppy.

Please contact me if you have one or know of a good breeder. February 8, at 3: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for rottweiler black lab mix next time I comment. These can include hip dysplasia, bloat eye problems, epilepsy, allergies, ear infections, bone cancer, and obesity.

Rottweiler Lab Mix (AKA Labrottie): Breed Facts & Temperament

Feeding healthy and proper food is a way to keep healthy your Rottweiler lab mix. Needless to say, we do not recommend this breeder. However, you should hire an experienced dog trainer to help you train your Rottador right from puppyhood. They are smart and very protective of their family. Click at right to share your own photo in this guide.

125lbs Rottweiler Lab cross

We have a LabRottie that we picked up at a shelter a month ago. These devoted and docile animals are often seen following their owner and always trying to please their family with a clownish behavior. The Labrador Retriever is also known as Labrador. Please call me I want two of the dogs pictured in this website.

However, when it comes to the people it considers its family, no one can ever question its devotion, loyalty, and affection. Apartment life is good since the rottweiler lab mix can fairly unleash its energy indoors by being active. It has all the desirable characteristics of an excellent family protector while loving you endlessly with its immeasurable devotion.

All of these can be addressed if you socialize your Labrottie as soon as you get it home. May 24, at 9:

rottweiler black lab mix

Wondering if the Rottweiler Lab mix is going to suit your lifestyle? He is a muscular dog with a sleek black coat with brown or caramel.

Creating the Perfect Dog Playdate: I have the puppies u need to see then. His best friend is a deaf cat whom he sleeps with. We are instilling fear in them, not letting them learn the more positive way. Like other hybrid canine breeds, the Labrottie might rottweiler black lab mix prone to the health problems that affect its parent breeds.

rottweiler black lab mix

Lab and Rottweiler mix puppies are as cute and cuddly as any other. Outside he is hilarious.

Rottweiler lab mix Labrottie

Labrador Retriever / Rottweiler Mixed Breed Dogs. Information and Pictures. A black and tan Labrottie is standing in patchy grass and looking up with one paw.

When fully trained and socialized, the Rottweiler can show its good-natured side. Comment Was this helpful? It is the quintessential family dog kind, gentle, and trusting. Unfortunately, this will only happen if the parents of the Labrottie were both raised by responsible pet parents and were duly trained and socialized as puppies. We have 2 grown cats, and 5 kittens. They are docile and devoted to their owners, and that is the reason why they will always be following you around to give you company. They can safely navigate you across obstacles, help you cross the busy street, and even climb up and down stairs.

125lbs Rottweiler Lab cross

Leaping jumping over snow banks, and playing keep away. He'll either be kickin it with them, playing with them, they all love him. I'm a dog Handler with 3 years of experience. He has the jaws, head, and ears like a rotweiler, and a Labrador nose and tail, along with a silky black coat!

rottweiler black lab mix

Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. She active so I had to be active, now we both healthy AF. It is a self-confident dog. Sammy was adopted as a birthday present for Mommy. Comment Like this photo?


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