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german shepard collie mix

After all, everything just comes down to monetary profits, but hopefully, there is more thought to it in some cases. This mix breed is fairly easy to train, thanks to its intelligent parents. Unlike purebreds, mix breeds have fewer health issues but some medical conditions can be passed on from the parents to the offspring. However, they can be aloof and wary of strangers. Last but not the least, the German shepherd border collie mix ears will need to be cleaned every once a week.

FeedFond is here with a complete guide for everything you need to know about a German Shepherd Border Collie Mix dog breed.

He excels as a guard dog and can be used for police and military work. Teaching him tricks is a great way of exercising his body in order to improve his agility and hunting skills. You can brush them daily since their coat is thick to keep it soft, smooth and shiny. Thus, considering his attributes, it would be right to say that this dog is not likely to live a happy life in a small, enclosed setting such as an apartment. Keeping your pet restricted to small area or tied to something that limits their movements is not a good idea.

Their high energy levels make them ideal dogs for farms, or houses with big yards, where they can guard their territory and run around to vent out their energy. The German shepherd is strong, intelligent and athletic in every sense. You cannot german shepard collie mix him on leash all day along and expect him to stay inactive.

german shepard collie mix

Surprisingly enough, the Collie Shepherd tolerates the cold very well. If you would like to write for us please visit here. On average, male Shollies weigh around 75 to 80 pounds and stand about 22 to 29 inches tall. The Shollie is one of the smartest dog breeds , yet no one knows why this cross was made and who made it in the first place. Shepherd Collies are highly trainable dogs.

While nothing is for sure when it comes to the exact type of traits inherited by the parents, considering the nature of the parental purebreds, you can comfortably expect the Shollie to be nothing short of energetic and reliable. They do everything possible to prevent them from harm. Known for their stare, they are not uncomfortable german shepard collie mix prolonged eye contact and their stealth approach.

German Shepherd Collie Mix – What You Need To Know About Shollies

Download the Free Report. It is a great pet for people who love the outdoors and have a large yard for the dog to roam around. She looks almost a little aussie to me to - or maybe border collie too. Then again, one can always identify the German shepherd collie mix by observing the girth of the tail and the drooping of the ears. Thus, they have a tendency to chase smaller pets. Collie shepherds also hate being left alone for long periods of time.

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix

She is a gorgeous little girl. Fresh air and sunlight do wonders to his excited spirit as he feels one with the nature.

If you are all set to take up the challenge of owning a motivated dog that matches your energy level, and even your wits occasionally , then the German Shepherd Border Collie mix is the perfect breed to bring home. The dog has a large, strong muscular body and a lean build much like its German shepherd parent.

They require at least 2 long walks daily to stay active and healthy. They never think twice before leaping to their family's rescue during perilous situations. Because Shollies come from highly energetic parents, they are very active and more importantly, not suited to apartment living.

german shepard collie mix

Welcome to your complete guide to the Border Collie German Shepherd Mix dog! The “Shollie,” or a Border Collie x German Shepherd, is a.

They are playful with their owners and prefer to show their loving, caring and affectionate side. Pomeranian-Australian Shepherd Mix Information. Thank you for this web site.

german shepard collie mix

Give your pet a bath when he needs it, but never go overboard as they have fairly sensitive skin. If you talk about thickness of coat, the cross breed has a thicker coat when compared to the pure bred German shepherd parent.

German Shepherd Collie Mix – What You Need To Know About Shollies

The German Shepherd Collie mix, also known as the Collie Shepherd mix is a large mixed breed between a German shepherd parent and a.

You can just use a damp cloth to gently wipe the parts that are visible; do not insert sharp objects or cleaning devices in them. Choosing Between a Female vs. As this is a large dog with abundant energy levels, small, space-constrained living areas are not ideal. They do everything possible to prevent them from harm. This breed has a less bushy tail and ears that are a wee bit floppy. There are several common patterns when it comes to how the German shepherd would look and behave in your home. Shollies usually have a short to medium coat that looks quite similar to its German shepherd parent.

12 Incredible Mixed Cross Hybrid Breeds of German Shepherd - GSD Cross breeds

In fact, they can be trained in many creative ways to adopt a sombre and responsible behavior when the leash is on for serious activities, and transform into their usual playful self once the leash is off. Shollies usually have a short to medium coat that looks quite similar to its German shepherd parent. Their coat can vary from short to medium and come in different colors including white, tan, sable, yellow, black, cream and brown.

german shepard collie mix


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