They seem great for military because they offer a military discount but if you want your animals to be taken care of don't american airlines pet American Airlines. Flying San Jose to Atlanta.

american airlines pet

Firstly, the pets have to be either a cat or a dog. For pets traveling in the cabin, non-collapsible carriers must not exceed 19" x 13" x 9" 48 cm x 33 cm x 22 cm. It frustrates me that airlines are hiking the fee for pet travel, yet screaming kids are free! They were still loading plane always flew AA but will now start looking for other flights. See my little Jolie grew a bit and i am considering a new carrier

Guidelines for traveling with pets and their kennels.

She and the dog both arrived safely and both my relative in her wheelchair and the dog in her case were brought safely and quickly to the baggage claim area. Saturday, February 10, Thank you AACargo for listening and reacting to our request, it was very much appreciated! The website specifically says not in checked baggage, which I get, but the lady insisted that they were forbidden anywhere. The carriers must have ventilation on at least three sides for domestic U. I go out of DC Reagan, and I've flown with my mini Schnauzer at least 12 times in the last year, all as an in-cabin pet. Even though we have volunteers in the area, we were not allowed to go in to let the young pup out or see that he was okay.

American Airlines Pet Policy Tips and Tricks Whether you are using American Airlines pet travel through in cabin or through cargo, there are certain points to remember. First and foremost, the pet will travel with you at no charge as long as they are able to fit either on your lap, at your feet, or under the seat, and that they american airlines pet not american airlines pet any way block the aisle. I booked my father,s flight to move closer to me along with his cat!

american airlines pet

All results are hidden due to the current filter settings. With proper preparedness, American Airlines pet policy will keep your pet safe, and make sure you, and your beloved animal, arrive safely and soundly in your destination. We booked a flight to Cleveland the closest domestic direct flight, so she wouldn't need to worry about making the connection , and drove to pick her up. I had to argue for a while, but luckily there were open spots and I got him on my flight I called twice the day before to confirm the reservation and they said they had it.

Sign in to BringFido. The attitude of the airline people was terrible, the flights were delayed, they provide no services for animals stuck waiting for late flights.

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At another airport, I was going to check him as baggage, and 3 American ground agents thought that was awful and went way out of their way to find me an in cabin carrier and get him on the plane. Soft-sided pet carriers should be water-repellent, made of padded nylon, and have ventilation on 2 or more sides. The health certificate stated that he is a Bull Terrier which is not listed on American Airlines list of breeds they will not ship because they are brachycephalic.

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One minor issues is the carrier we used for the dog was somewhat tight on the MD Super 80 aircraft. The veterinarian not my usual one in Kansas had written that it was OK for Hoover to go below 45 degrees, but she had not specified how low, and the certification was written in just above her signature on the form. I want to book a flight on American Airlines.

Extremely unkind I was meant to move from rural Maine to Georgia with my pet, yet despite making sure the carrier was within the dimensions listed, the TSA Agent told me the carrier needed to be soft sided not true, the website lists above it can be either or, so long as it's within the listed dimensions , and refused to let me board with my cat. They lost my dog! American Airlines Pet Policy.

I thought they were great! Does anyone know what airlines flies direct to orlando and accepts two cats in one bag and doesn't have a weight requirement of 20 pounds. If I had to travel with a pet, I wouldn't hesitate to use American Airlines again. Living in Fear I have traveled muliple times with my two Brussels Griffons in a soft sided carrier which comes to about 23lbs.

american airlines pet

If this behavior is observed at any point during your journey and isn't corrected or controlled, the animal will be considered a pet and all pet requirements and.

For most of those 20 years, my dog has flown just fine under the seat in a Sherpa airline-approved soft-sided carrier. What they don't american airlines pet in that carrier description is that some pet carriers come with doors on the roof as well as the front of the carrier. I volunteer with a rescue that has shipped a couple of dogs across the country on American an expense that is the responsibility of adopters, but must be paid up front american airlines pet volunteers on American, vs. We had no problems at check-in, at security, nor at the gate.

american airlines pet

They are not willing to help. Pets must be able to stand up, turn around and lie down in a natural position, without touching any side or top of the carrier. The gate agent barely glanced at the bag.

Flying with Your Pet: American Airlines Pet Policy

Flying with your pet? You'll find American Airlines's pet policy for travel in the cabin and baggage area here. This information is up to date and includes details .

The pets must also stay in this carrier, with the door closed and under the seat during the duration of the flight. My impression is that it is so common now to see people traveling with pets, that don't even blink an eye. By now, there were two or three agents and a supervisor involved in the discussion. People are friendly and they gave me water for the pet - very good service in cabin with pet. My 11 lb poma-poo dog who had just flown to Chicago days earlier on AA demonstrated that he could freely turn around in his very spacious SleepyPod carrier which touches his head when he stands up but it is a soft mesh top. Each time, AA has been friendly, accommodating and professional.

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Already have an account? Or call or for more information. They were not friendly but they respected my reservation.

american airlines pet


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